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Is Aussie Miracle Curls Good for Natural Hair?

Lately I have seen several posts giving Aussie Miracle a bad label when it comes to natural hair. I have been natural for several years and Aussie was one of the first brands (before the Curls line) I used when transitioning and fully going natural.

Since my first purchase, the brand has come out with the Curls line and even revamped their products.

I will say, it’s not a deep clean, clarifying type of shampoo. For that, I use Head and Shoulders Tea Tree Shampoo.

The Aussie Miracle Curls line is great for normal wash days, deep conditioning, and even detangle or pre-poo your natural hair.

In the following video I show my wash day process with Aussie Miracle Curls.

I know every hair is not the same, but if Aussie Miracle Curls works on my natural hair, I think it will give great results for others as well.

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