I Tried the Slow Carb Diet

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Here is a recap of my week 1 results of the slow carb diet. In the following video, I explain what I ate and if I lost any weight during the first week.

If you don’t know what the Slow Carb Diet is, this video explains every aspect of the diet.

I am documenting my journey and kicking it off with an explanation of what I am getting into. I explain what the slow carb diet is and go over what is and is not allowed. Let’s see if it helps with my thyroid and also help me drop a few pounds.

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Drop a comment if you have tried the Slow Carb Diet. Feel free to share any tips or tricks, favorite meals or even snacks that worked for you.

The Slow Carb Diet can be found in the 4 Hour Body book by Tim Ferris. It is available on Amazon (listed in my store), your local library, Libby/Overdrive. Audio versions are also on Amazon and YouTube.

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