Natural Hair

Detangle Dry, Matted, Natural Hair Easily

This video shows how I detangle my dry, matted, knotted hair in less than 30 minutes.

*** I apologize for the many facial expressions shown during the making of this video. ***

Wash day can be time consuming. Add neglected, tangled hair into the equation and it goes from time consuming to frustrating unless you have the right products and tools. I have found the method and combination that makes my wash day process simple and saves me a ton of time.

Products Needed:

Alligator Clips:

Spray Bottle (travel size):

Alternate Spray Bottle (Mister):

Warm Water: From your faucet/sink

Pre-Poo Detangler: Inspire by Made Beautiful (Discontinued)

Alternate Pre-Poo:

Although any Detangler/Pre-Poo of your choice will work. A cream, spray or even a cheap conditioner will get the job done.

Tangle Teezer:

Alternate Site:

Wide Tooth Comb:

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