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Dip Powder Problems: Contaminated Liquids

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What to do when your dip powder essential liquids are contaminated? When your liquid becomes goopy, thick, or the brush hardens.

In this video, I show three different options to fix and/or use the liquid once it becomes contaminated.

Contaminated liquid is a common problem for dip powder. If your dip powder liquid is contaminated, try these options before throwing away the bottle.

Worst case scenario, this is the only liquid you have/you don’t have a backup. If that is the case, unfortunately you will need to stop what you are doing and head to your local Sally’s, Walmart, Target, Ulta, or any other local store near you that sells dip powder products, and pick up a new bottle.

OR you can use what you have to finish your set. For example, if your Base is contaminated, use your Top coat. If your Top coat is goopy and thick, use your Base coat. They are interchangeable.

💥💥💥 BTW, my contaminated liquid is a year old. I have used this same set of liquids (see the teeth marks on the cap) in several videos, plus tons of other manicures off camera, without any issues. This video is in no way a negative slight against the company. I love their products and still use them. 💥💥💥

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